Beard Conditioning

saintlow BeardFor a beard to look good it must receive regular conditioning. When any hair is washed in order to remove dirt and grime, natural oils that are produced by the hair to maintain its condition, are also washed out and by conditioning we mean, replacing those oils that are essential for healthy hair. In the case of beards, bartöl solutions can be found in two ranges of products, beard oils or beard balms. The difference between the two is basically that a beard oil only contains the oils needed to condition the hair, plus if course other ingredients to provide a pleasant fragrance whilst a beard balm also contains these same components, it may also contain a beeswax or similar ingredient to assist in the styling and shaping of the beard.

Obviously then either a beard oil or a beard balm should be used regularly in order to maintain the healthy state of a beard. However, although the balm does contain ingredients that assist in the styling and shaping of a beard, as it also serves another purpose, it isn’t perhaps good enough at styling and shaping the longer beards. So, for the longer beards, many people will use a beard wax. This product is similar to one that many people may be familiar with as a similar product was once very commonly used when handlebar moustaches were all the rage. These waxes which are specifically designed to help style and shape beards that are 4 inches in length or longer are purely used for that purpose and so do not play a significant role in conditioning the hair, only making it look good.

Apart from a beard being healthy and perhaps soft, people also want their beards to look good but that doesn’t just mean shaping and styling it, it also means keeping it well trimmed. When a beard is shaped specifically in one design, the beard is usually kept well-trimmed in order to keep its design in place but when there is a full beard involved, the situation is often different. Sometimes people with full beards do not trim them very often and one of the reasons for this is that not everyone perhaps knows what constitutes a full beard and what constitutes just an unshaven face. A beard has a distinct boundary in which it grows and should therefore be trimmed keeping it into those boundary lines. The imaginary lines that define the area in which a beard grows are; one line down each side of the face, in line with the outside edge of the sideburns. A beard does not exist above the upper lip; that is a moustache. A beard can grow all over and under the chin to an imaginary line, often seen as a crease where the chin joins the neck and is situated just above the Adams apple. The main problem seems to be with the bottom line but if that isn’t defined by regular trimming, a beard can give the impression of just being out of control body hair.