Buying a Bike

saintlow Buying a BikeThere was a time when most bicycles were very similar and so people just bought the one that they thought looked the best but now things have changed and there are now electric bikes available to buy. As electric bikes are fairly new, many people are not exactly sure what they are and so before deciding as to whether or not they should buy one instead of a traditional bike, they first search what are electric bicycles on the internet. What they find is that an electric bike is nothing like a moped or a scooter which are both heavy and somewhat clumsy, instead an electric bike is very similar in shape, size and weight as a traditional bike and in fact will only usually weigh 20 pounds more than a traditional bike. Although looking the same, unlike a traditional bike, an electric bike has the ability to move at speeds of up to 20 MPH without being peddled.

The 20 pounds extra weight of an electric bike is due to three additional components that a traditional bike does not have and those components are a battery, a motor and a controller. The battery is needed to power the motor which in turn powers the wheels of the bike. The motor powers the wheels in one of three ways, if it is attached to the hub of the front wheel, it will directly power that wheel, pulling the bike. If it is attached to the hub of the rear wheel, it will directly power that wheel, pushing the bike. The more popular location for the motor though, is in the middle of the bike where it can be attached directly to the drive chain. This is the preferred location as it is lower than the other two which means it affords the bike easier control and as it directly powers the drive chain in the same way as the peddles do, it provides a more authentic ride. It is a 250 watt motor that can manage to attain speeds of 20 MPH but if a larger motor was used, higher speeds could be attained.

The motors for electric bikes range from 250 watts to 750 watts but the 250 watt is perhaps the most popular as besides being able to reach speeds of 20 MPH, the battery will only need charging every 20 miles whereas with a larger motor, less distance can be travelled before a recharge is needed. This all means that an electric bike can be used in a similar way to a traditional bike and is just as easy to store when not in use. It also means though that no exertion is needed to ride it, allowing people to use it to get to work and not look sweaty and tired. As there need be no effort in riding it, it also means that people may get out and about in the fresh air more, which can only be a healthy thing for them.