How To Find Trusted Reviews When Shopping Online

The internet is a big and scary place, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or haven’t spent a lot of time learning how to navigate through all the crap to find useful and practical information.

One area where many experience confusion is product reviews. The web is full of all types of product reviews that may not be what they first appear to be. Whether it’s companies trying to sell their product or just deceitful bloggers, there is tons of misinformation out there.

There are however still plenty of reputable places to find quality reviews on pretty much any type of product you can imagine. Finding trustworthy product review sites though isn’t all that easy, as it involves a few unique processes.

For example, supplements are a huge industry, as more and more people are going to the gym to get in shape. To help get in shape faster they purchase powders and foods to help their bodies recover and build muscle faster. Since there are thousands of options there are plenty of sites reviewing them. One reliable site for reviews (and also exercise tips) is Skinny Yoked. Go ahead and check them out, and then come back here and let us explain why they are a good review site and how you can sort out others in the future.

We’ll wait for you. Go ahead and check the site out.

Did you get a good look? Let us break down why exactly Skinny Yoked is such a great review site for its industry (which happens to be bodybuilding).

  1. It’s run by a real person. If the site isn’t run by a real person you can find on the About page, then it’s not a quality review site.
  2. It’s been around for more than a year. If the site is brand new it’s a chance that it was created recently by someone without much credibility.
  3. It has a Contact page. If a website doesn’t have a contact page then there’s no way to prove it’s made by a real person and is suspect.
  4. It has a social media presence. All good review sites will also be active on social media, engaging with their audience. If the site isn’t engaging it’s probably for a good reason (they’re hiding something!)

So, to rehash, there are a few things you should look for when trying to determine whether you “trust” a website or not. If you want another example of a very trustworthy review site besides Skinny Yoked (yes, we admit bodybuilding may not be everyone’s cup of tea), then check out Consumer Reports. Here is a video introduction to jog your memory:

Consumer Reports has been around for ages. It also checks all the “trustworthy” indicators we’ve listed in steps one through four above.

Sure, Consumer Reports has a publication, but they also have a website. If you want to do some more training to recognize quality, then spend some time on their site looking for reviews on whatever interests you.

Hopefully this post has helped teach you a little bit about what to look for when browsing the web for reviews. The web is kind of like the universe, there are dangerous places (like black holes for example!) and there are amazing places (like earth!). Imagine you are in a space ship. It is your job to navigate away from dangerous places (bad websites) and navigate towards good places like earth (good review sites).

If this is confusing then just drop us a message on our contact page and we can help clarify. If you are uncertain about a website maybe we can also help you quick give it a run through to see.

No matter what, practice discerning quality websites, it is a skill that will be even more important in 2017 and for years to come after that. Being web savvy is critical to navigating life in the 21st century, whether it’s on your desktop, your smartphone or your laptop.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your web investigation!