Nerf Guns For All

saintlow Nerf GunsYou may have fond memories of Nerf Guns as an iconic toy of the nighties- but did you know that to this day there are adult, sophisticated nerf leagues? Brush up on your Nerf lore with this handy guide.

What makes the Nerf gun so fun?
Nerf guns offer all the fun of hunt and chase scenarios without any of the damage or risk. They’re safe to use both indoors and out, and the foam based ammunition is difficult to do any damage with. Although an iconic toy of the nighties, Nerf the company has been around a lot longer- since the sixties in fact. With the advent of the Nerf gun in 1989, however, the company’s fortunes were set. The original Nerf Gun may have been nothing more than a simple foam dart shooter, but the evolution in its descendants more then makes u for these humble origins. From scopes to lights and more, modern Nerf guns have even evolved into an adult league game with setups similar to paintball and war sim competitions.

What Nerf guns can I get today?
As we mentioned above, Nerf guns are no longer one-choice simple foam dart shooters. If you’re just looking for a bit of fun, then it’s important to get the right gun for you. The most common type is, of course, the classic Nerf pistol. This one-handed, single dart firing classic resembles a revolver. They’re easy to use, low cost and very easy to modify after purchase. Nerf rifles are larger, requiring two hands to use. Their range and magazine size are larger, but they are more expensive too. They very often include extra features. Nerf blasters are very similar to shotguns, offering increased ammunition discharge, firing in bursts. Some even fire more than one dart at a time. Nerf gun reviews will help you decide what option is the best for you.

The range doesn’t stop there, for all those are the most basic types. Nerf produces a huge range of novelty or limited edition blasters. This can be anything from a bow to machine gun and more. Many of those who compete in Nerf leagues love the novelty guns for their modification scope as well as their unique nature. Remember that Nerf also have a video game series similar to the Wii, which allows you to control the on-screen game via a Nerf blaster.

What about ammo?
Most Nerf gun ammo is pretty simple to get. From the traditional foam dart to suction darts, collectable darts, specialty ammo fit for the novelty lines like Nerf arrows and Nerf discs, and the so-called ‘whistler’ darts that are designed to make noise, there’s a range to suit every Nerf weapon and taste. Check the back of your box to see what ammo is compatible with your weapon. Nerf even offers extra magazines and clips to increase your carrying capacity. Remember that informative Nerf gun reviews can always help you find the best fit for your Nerf gun.

No one wants to be fumbling around trying to reload their weapon in the middle of a Nerf match- or worse, trying to keep track of every little dart. It’s always a wise idea to stock up on extra ammo to increase your fun.

The Nerf gun has become a staple of toy lovers and more competitive people everywhere, and there’s little wonder why.

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