YouTube Pond Building

saintlow Pond BuildingPond building is an art form. It requires careful planning and strategy, as well as patience. Some of the best pond aeration advice is on YouTube. This website is incredibly useful for a variety of reasons. It has videos which show step by step procedures for building ponds of all kinds. These ponds are as simple as back yard ponds, or as complicated as full size lakes and farm ponds. The great thing about using YouTube is that it shows you how to do it, instead of merely telling you how to do it.

Demo videos show you how to use a backhoe to start digging your pond. The problem that many people run into, is how to dig the deeper areas without getting the machinery stuck in the pond. First of all, most videos suggest that you should never dig immediately after a rain. For one, the rain water and ground-soaked water will pool up at the bottom of the pond before you intend to fill it. This makes the removal of the backhoe very tricky. Videos also suggest that you need to dig a shallow section first. This provides an exit ramp for the heavy tools that you will use to build it.

Perhaps the most fun part of creating a new pond, is filling it with water. During the first filling, it will understandably contain a vast amount of mud and sediment. This will all settle eventually, but you need to be aware that the water might turn a burnt orange color if you build it around red clay areas. There are a few YouTube videos which show how to fill a pond, but the best ones demonstrate how to use natural water sources to get the job done right. Small creeks and rivers can fill the pond in no time. They also work to keep the pond deep during high drought situations.

In other YouTube videos, fish stockings are shown. Stocking fish is not overly tricky, but you need to know how it is done. Most of the videos do not advise simply dumping all of the fish into the pond as soon as it is ready. Some fish species need to be added when the seasons are right. Cooler temperatures or winter are the best times to do this. During hot weather there is less oxygen in the water, and the new fish might die. Some videos suggest adding some of the pond water steadily to other containers with the fish. This allows them to acclimate accordingly.

Once the pond is up and going, you need to make sure you know how to check the aerators to ensure that they are working properly. YouTube videos will show you how to check them, and how to clean them. Use the videos to find the best information possible on the pond building basics. Their wealth of knowledge will ensure that the time you spend building, is time well spent.